Partner with my OSHC

my OSHC are an approved out of school hours care provider, who can help your school by:

  • Taking on all the tasks and responsibilities of running an OSHC such as:
    • staffing
    • administration
    • reporting
    • compliance
    • policy development
  • Increasing school enrolments

my OSHC can help your school community by:

  • Children having a sense of belonging to the school community
  • Being inclusive which will increase their friendship groups
  • Assisting with homework if required
  • Offering a safe, fun learning environment
  • Being on-site for convenience – one place for drop-off and pick-up!
  • Offering parents employment opportunities
  • Reducing the cost of OSHC services by being CCS approved

my OSHC Out of School Hours Care and Vacation Care Services is a child-focused service where:

The service operates according to a stated philosophy and aims to reflect the local community by encouraging participation and discussion about all issues relevant to the running of the service.

Children, families and staff are treated as equal and valued individuals.

Safety is a core value and is paramount in everything we do.

Children will have opportunities to have fun whilst learning.

Children are encouraged to join in experiences to lead them to become successful learners, confident individuals and active and informed members of the community.

Children are encouraged to develop to their full potential within a safe, caring and supportive environment that recognises the importance of families for children.

Through a positive approach, children’s behaviour is guided to build their confidence and self-esteem.


Joshua and Jayden’s Mum says…the boys love coming to OSHC everday!

“The my OSHC team are fantastic! Its peace of mind knowing the two boys are in good hands. They are supplied with healthy food, their homework is competed when I come to pick them up and they are learning about nature and other topics within their designed educational program. The boys love coming to the OSHC every day and their happiness is the most important thing to me.”


Prescott Principal says… my OSHC gives our families peace of mind.

“The team at my OSHC provide Prescott Primary Northern and our families with the peace of mind that our children will continue to receive the care and attention we pride ourselves on during the school day when they are in OSHC.”

Former Student

Former student Khyleesha says…I enjoyed every minute with them.

“I started going to my OSHC in 2013, when I was 7 years old. Here I am now in high school! I still pop in on the way home from high school to say hello to the staff. Last term I asked Allison If I could come back for vacation care to work as a volunteer – I now have my own my OSHC name badge. I enjoyed every minute I’ve been with them.”