my OSHC Prescott Philosophy

my OSHC Prescott believe that Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) is a valuable and integral part of Prescott Northern Primary School and the local community. We aim to provide high quality care and learning experiences for school aged children in a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment that is responsive to the needs of the children, families and staff. my OSHC Prescott is underpinned by the United Nations Convention on the rights of Children and aims to ensure that every child’s safety and wellbeing is maintained. Our lifelong purpose is to maintain a sense of belonging for all our children encouraging them to reach their full potential.

We believe OSHC is a place where children can have fun, are able to play together, have the time to learn new and useful skills and are able to develop friendships and positive relationships with other children and adults. We aim to foster self-esteem, empathy and independence in a warm, supportive and caring environment, where all children are respected, which will enable them to grow emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically, at their own pace. my OSHC Prescott encourages social interaction between children of different ages, genders, religions and children with additional needs. We do this by providing a welcoming, caring, stimulating, organized and safe environment that children can participate in on a day-to-day basis.

We value the importance of play and encourage children to participate in a range of enjoyable learning experiences and activities, which are both planned and spontaneous. Educators base their decisions on reflective practice and encourage and promote an environment where children’s voices and values are heard and enable them to become active citizens within the OSHC community.

Families are welcomed and respected; we aim to provide high quality care and support parents/guardians in the upbringing of their children. We encourage positive and open communication, and respect their beliefs, customs, language and culture. We encourage partnerships between families and the service. We welcome our families’ participation and feedback in the operation of the service.

We value our educators as our greatest asset and place great emphasis on supporting staff to develop their skills to fulfil their job to the highest standard. We work with staff to ensure they continue to strive for excellence providing opportunities for further training and advancements.


Joshua and Jayden’s Mum says…the boys love coming to OSHC everday!

“The my OSHC team are fantastic! Its peace of mind knowing the two boys are in good hands. They are supplied with healthy food, their homework is competed when I come to pick them up and they are learning about nature and other topics within their designed educational program. The boys love coming to the OSHC every day and their happiness is the most important thing to me.”


Prescott Principal says… my OSHC gives our families peace of mind.

“The team at my OSHC provide Prescott Primary Northern and our families with the peace of mind that our children will continue to receive the care and attention we pride ourselves on during the school day when they are in OSHC.”

Former Student

Former student Khyleesha says…I enjoyed every minute with them.

“I started going to my OSHC in 2013, when I was 7 years old. Here I am now in high school! I still pop in on the way home from high school to say hello to the staff. Last term I asked Allison If I could come back for vacation care to work as a volunteer – I now have my own my OSHC name badge. I enjoyed every minute I’ve been with them.”